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how to fix revoked Tutuapp

tutuapp get revoked we are working on it. please try again later

  How to fix revoked Tutuapp 2019

how to fix the revoked issue that you guys been getting on all these tweaked apps so here’s the deal in like last couple of days.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments about, how you guys having issues downloading his second plus plus YouTube + + snapchat + +

Whatever you guys use that’s because most of the the – – app or like T whatever you guys used most of them are revoked so in today’s

I’m gonna show you the quick solution and how to go around that issue. Basically let’s say you use tweet taps right back in the day you could like literally install the trick box app like this from their website and you. Would be all set and then you could like install all these Instagram plus plus power if tutuapp anti revoke 2019.

tutuapp get revoked we are working on it. please try again later
I plus plus whatever you guys use within the table 3 box app but now you can’t do that so here. I’m going to show you real quick so right now here’s. here’s a deal that’s that’s my app that’s the app right that’s the tweakbox app so here as you can see tweakbox app is you know fully installed.


I can access the app everything works fine here but the only thing is that. You can install apps from here anymore from their website so let’s say you. Want to install and ii plus pause from the tweakbox, right you hit install see that see what happened.

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Right there look app is trying to install it says waiting but it suddenly quits that’s because the software is something doing in the background. That you can’t connect to network or some, kind of problem but there isn’t there’s a quick fix for that from. Now on you have to go to the browser version so you can install apps from their app anymore. You have to go to the browser version which is the link is gonna be in the description as always the link is next that week tap.

I mean tweak box app calm so this is literally like the app so you can go to apps and you can all these, like install from here but from if you download it from next Tweakbox. It totally works perfectly fine alright next moving on if you use to to app to to app.  As actually fixed their issue not not fully fixed but like if you go to to app .

Calm yeah right there right you have to now install to to a polite and head try all right the link is gonna be in the description as always so to to app light works basically like you to app the original app but this is like a backup version of it so yeah basically you have to use to to

Apple ID in order to install all these Instagram plus plus Spotify or whatever you guys, use and last but not least if you use app Valley, for only AppValley right now that you can only install Spotify plus. Pause from their website the app is still like under construction or they still trying to fix but only thing. You can install is Spotify plus plus making literally. I go here and then hit install so yeah guys that’s pretty much it hope. You guys find this video helpful if you did make sure, You share this video with your friends and comment down below what. You think and like and subscribe for more content like this and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace